Head-on car collisionTrauma is an event that happens to us that is: too much, too soon, too fast. It is a big deal! It overwhelms us emotionally and in our Nervous System. It gets stored in our bodies. For example, some people store it in their shoulders, back, or muscles. Others may store it in their head or stomach. Many traumatic experiences can be life threatening to survival and can leave us feeling scared, alone, helpless and unsafe. These can include witnessing or experiencing childhood sexual, physical, psychological and emotional abuse, car accidents, natural disasters, shootings and violence at school, and serious or chronic illness. Many of us  have survived terrible things.

Sad little girl facing a brick wall With some other traumatic experiences, some people don’t recognize them initially as having a traumatic impact, thinking, “I never knew that wasn’t normal because this was just normal for me and/or my family”. These might include childhood divorce, living with an alcoholic or drug addicted parent, physical or emotional abandonment, a parent who was incarcerated, or death of a significant person or beloved pet.

Trauma is painful! Trauma is confusing! Trauma is complicated! Unresolved pain can leak out in how we feel about ourselves or it can be transferred to others. Unconscious behaviors and patterns can be repeated, relationships can feel disconnected and connection to your self can feel empty and unfulfilled.

Sad young woman being consoled by another person's hand on her shoulderSome of the effects of traumatic experiences can leave us feeling depressed, hopelessness, foggy thinking, lacking concentration, anxiety and fear. These are natural responses to an experience that has overwhelmed our nervous system without an appropriate way to discharge the emotion. Our trauma can leave us feeling disempowered, stuck or frozen; we experience ourselves as helpless.

It would be extremely difficult to build a content or confident life on unresolved trauma and trying to get the results you want!

I help young adult women ages 25-40, who are not getting the results they want, to process, relieve, and alleviate the impact of earlier painful trauma or loss. The myth is that once traumatized you can never recover. The goal of trauma work is to help you to integrate the aspects of how the trauma has impacted you and your relationships in a way that feels like it is part of your past story and not such a part of your current life and relationships. Transformation can occur. Trauma work also helps you to calm and regulate your Nervous System, so the stored memory in your body gets released.

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