Mother suffering from post natal depressionThe prospect of becoming a new parent, or if you are in the midst of parenting a child(ren) or adolescent, can bring up a myriad of emotions and conflicting thoughts. There are so many pressures today as parents. Some of the issues may be about your children, and some of their issues may be reflecting something from your own childhood experiences. You may also lack confidence in your parenting, especially if your child is challenging. These are legitimate concerns shared by many parents. Together we can work through your questions, fears, and triggers.

Little girl blocking out her parent's arguingOften, when our children reach the ages we were when we experienced trauma, problems, or when attachment issues arose in our childhood, we may begin to have insecurities, struggles or fears with our own kids. This is our own unfinished business trying to get resolved in our children. We may parent out of fear. These relationships are not the place to work through your woundedness. As you talk about your own childhood, it may help to uncover of the fears you have for your own child and resolve them. I am here to support you as you experience the various challenges in parenting.

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