Sad children hugging their mom The loss of a loved one (family, pet, miscarriage, abortion) can be a devastating period that brings up deep emotions of pain, sorrow and emptiness. It is a natural and normal process for us to go through after our loved one has left this world, but never the less incredibly sad. Initially, you may have had an opportunity to cry and grieve with friends and family. Yet, they seemed to have moved on. You, on the other hand, may continue to feel the impact of the loss as if it just happened. There is no timeline that grief fits neatly into. You may feel shattered, lonely, lost, hopeless, sad, angry, left and overwhelmed, to name a few emotions. You may wonder how to restore your life after such an impactful loss. Elderly man wiping away the tears from an elderly woman Some individuals may also have complicated grief, especially when it is not shared with compassionate listeners and understood. Grief is often misunderstood.

A big feeling of grief and sadness may be the break up of a romantic relationship. The break up may bring up feelings of abandonment, rejection, insecurities, or just plain sadness. Endings hurt. During this time there are so many expectations around who is a couple and who is not. That’s a lot of pressure.

Grief during any time of our lives is painful and overwhelming. There are also some very big impacts of grief for women during that stage of life from about 25-40 years old that makes moving forward difficult. Everyone thinks those years are so ” wonderful”, and you may not be able to be live life very joyfully.

I will support you as you take steps in the healing process, feeling the difficult emotions that the loss has brought up. It is important for you to have someone you can share your story with and hear about the relationship you had with all of the complexities in the relationship. Love may be only one of many feelings you had with this person. I will help you to honor the life of the loved one and ease you into a new life balance. When you have such a deep loss, healing is not very effective in isolation. Together, we can help you to move through your suffering, to a place that feels honoring of your loss, and a new normal in your life.