Depressed woman sitting on kitchen floorSometimes depression comes about due to our life circumstances that we were not expecting to take such a toll on us. These may include trauma, death of a loved one, pet, miscarriage, abortion or infertility,disappointments, divorce, loss of friendships or family due to a hurtful conflict, a move to a new area, overwhelming experiences like school, or…you name it. Sometimes depression has been with us for so long, we don’t remember life without it.

Depression can affect your overall ability to function in your daily life, or it may feel like a heavy gray cloud that holds you down emotionally. Depression can be from many different causes and may need to be addressed from a variety of healing modalities. For example, it could be an underlying physical issue that may require supplements, vitamins, medication or hormones. There are so many medical issues that include depression as a symptom. Many people have also been helped with massage therapy, hypnotherapy, EMDR, EFT, aroma therapy, and light therapy, to name just a few.

Sad young woman holding phoneWhen you suffer from depression it can impact your self-esteem, confidence, motivation, and the ability to experience the good parts of your life. Depression can affect your sleep (too little or too much), your weight (too little or too much), memory problems, foggy thinking and a feeling of hopelessness. People may experience depression for a variety of reasons and together we can look at and process those reasons that may be known to you, and uncover reasons that may be from your life journey that you never realized.

Clients often say they don’t want to burden their friends or family with what they are depressed about and so they don’t share their hurts with others. If you have been depressed for a while, you may feel others have stopped listening, or don’t really understand. Therapy is a perfect place to begin to feel heard; to cry or uncover what feels so sad and painful. As we work together it helps to break down the overwhelming issues into more manageable ways of thinking, feeling and doing. You deserve to feel better, to discover things in your life that bring you contentment, if not pleasure. Let’s work together on that. I can support you.

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